Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hello to all my future subscribers!

This is my second attempt at writing a blog. Hopefully this time I actually keep up with it and keep my readers interested!

This time around, I am exploring a new chapter of my life. For years I have complained and dreamed of having the perfect body, but I never did anything to improve my lifestyle! So, I am creating this blog in the attempt to motivate myself into forming a better, healthier, and happier me.

Hopefully you will all learn as I learn, and you will get to see that when you put your mind to something, anything can happen! I want people to join in on my journey, and find the strength that I am discovering in myself. Trust me, we all have it in us!

So bear with me through my learning process, and my discovery of a new me! Hopefully I can get some help along the way.

So stay tuned for my primal journey!

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